Make a Case to Continue Working at Home While Others Return to the Office

Career Wizardry 21 December, 2021

It’s been a long “15 days to slow the spread.” Since that fateful day in 2020, many people have continued working from home as COVID-19 has raged on bringing new variants and more uncertainty into workspaces and the public at large.

Despite the fact that COVID continues its lethal march around the world, causing nearly six million deaths (as of December 2021), many employers have announced returns to the office in the coming year. That leaves employees facing an uncertain future, with many of them preferring the security of working at home and the perception of safety it offers.

So, how can you make the case to keep working from home once your company begins its return to the office? There are a few arguments you can come armed with that will help you promote your cause.

People Who Work from Home are More Productive at Work

It’s true. One study, conducted before COVID-19, found that people who work remotely were 13 percent more productive than those who work in an office. The world has evolved even more since then, allowing employers to monitor employee productivity more effectively. Additionally, a survey conducted in March 2021 found that nearly 40 percent of workers felt more productive working from home during the pandemic than they felt in the office. It’s a huge point to make to your employer, especially if you’re one of the many who have shown greater productivity while working from home.

We Have the Technology

If you’ve been working from home since 2020, it is obvious that you can continue to do so. Your organization has the tools and technology in place to make it happen. The investment has already been made. The challenge now is convincing them that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing employees a choice about returning to the office.

One final play you can make to continue your work-from-home lifestyle is to remind your employer that the pandemic is ongoing and that now may not be the best time to return to the way things were.