There are Right Jobs and Wrong Jobs for You

Career Wizardry 25 March, 2019

Sometimes, in the process of searching for our next job, it is that which is in plain sight that we first overlook. This is a subtle oversight that can sabotage our entire plan if we don't stay aware. When it comes to finding and winning that next great gig or career opportunity, we should probably make sure that first and foremost, it is a job that we actually want.

A Win-Win Situation

While this may sound obvious, and it is, that is also the reason it is so easily forgotten. We can get caught up in the salary, the job location, a great job title or something else in the process of our job hunt and lose sight of what we've been taught. This isn't new information, we have been taught to investigate and research companies that we are interested in. That time spent learning about those companies is meant to do more than improve your interview and resume. It should also help us better understand our future employers.

Getting an idea of the type of culture, management tools, and industry of your prospective employers will enhance the potential for connecting with the right jobs and the right companies. Finding work you like, with an employer you want to work for and respect will benefit everyone, it is a win-win situation.

The Right Job

Unfortunately, too many people fail to remember these basic rules. We have all known someone or been that someone, who dreads waking up everyday to go to a job they can't stand for a boss they don't like. It is a miserable grind that never has a happy ending. This is exactly why we need to spend at least a little time learning about who we are applying with and the job details.

Don't think the right paycheck will offset a job you dislike, it won't. Building a successful career and job history begins with understanding that there are right jobs and wrong jobs for you.