Three Things Employers May Charge You For

Career Wizardry 14 October, 2021

You might be so used to employers footing the bill that you never knew they had the right to charge you for certain things. That's right. Your employer can choose to charge you for certain items or processes and take the funds out of your paycheck after you agree to the deductions. These are three things employers can charge you for, though most of them don't:


Your employer has the right to charge you for those cool t-shirts and dress pants they require you to wear when you work for them. The majority of employers who require uniforms don't charge their workers for them, but some do. You might be in shock the first time you hear about being charged for an unattractive polo shirt, but it could happen.

Drug Tests

Employers also don't usually charge candidates for drug tests. The company typically invests in its candidates' screenings. However, smaller companies might try to reduce their expenses by making their candidates pay for their tests. You might be someone who feels like employers should pay since they're the ones who put the ads out for workers. However, they can legally ask you to pay for your test as long as you agree to the deduction.

Background Checks

Background checks are another controversial topic. Some companies ask their candidates to pay for their background checks. This concept, like the idea of paying for your drug test, may offend you. It seems a bit parsimonious and even scrooge-like on the employer's end, but it's not illegal.

Be aware that these charges can occur, and the employers aren't necessarily doing anything illegal by initiating them. Of course, you have the option not to work for an establishment that isn't willing to invest in these items for its employees. You might want to discuss the matter with the potential employer before you accept a job offer. You can decline the offer at any time if you feel that an unfair practice is in play. Alternatively, you can see if the employer is willing to negotiate with you and change the terms. The choice is yours.